What size Portable Generator do You Need?

Briggs and Stratton Portable GeneratorPortable generators can provide emergency power for your home or business when your electrical power service is disrupted.

The size/power capacity of portable generators are measured in its rated wattage output.

  • Before buying a generator, you need to decide how many appliances you need to provide power for.
  • Then size your portable generator to provide power for the total of the STARTING watts you need.

More considerations when shopping for an emergency generator for your home or business are discussed in the Good Housekeeping article, “Are You Ready for a Power Outage?

Here is a chart of approximate wattage needs of various typical appliances:

Appliance/Equipment Running Watts Starting Watts
Water Pump 1/2 HP 1,000 3,000
Water Pump 3/4 HP 1,500 4,500
Sump Pump 1,000 3,000
Refrigerator 750 1,500
Freezer 500 1,000
Microwave 600 – 1,500
Lights 40 – 200
Television 150 – 400
Radio 6 – 15
Oscillating Fan 50 – 100
Water Heater 4,500
Coffee Maker 750 – 1,200
Toaster Oven 1,100
8,000 BTU A/C (window unit) 1,000 3,000
3 Ton A/C or Heat Pump 6,000 32,400
Garage Door Opener 500
Laptop Computer 1 – 15
Cell Phone Charger 3 – 6
Home Security System 24

Chart data provided by our local, reliable electrical service provider, Clay Electric Cooperative.

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