Outdoor Power Equipment Winter Care in Jacksonville FL

lawn mower in outdoor shed - available from Home DepotWhen it’s wintertime, a lot of people put their outdoor power equipment away until the Bermuda grass starts turning green again in the spring.

But before you put your outdoor power equipment away, it’s important to do some winter care for your outdoor power equipment.

Doing a little preventive maintenance winter care on your equipment will help you avoid problems when you try to start it up in the spring.

One of the easiest preventive maintenance steps to protect your power equipment this winter is to add Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment to your gas tank.

  • We recommend that the first step in any small engine maintenance is to review the instructions in your power equipment Owners Manual.
  • Next run your lawn mower, lawn tractor, or pressure washer (outside). Running the engine will get the fuel additives and preservatives that protect your small engine from the effects of ethanol damage through your engine fuel system.
  • Finally, top off your fuel tank to prevent accumulation of moisture that could lead to corrosion.

Please read our Portable Generator article for preventive maintenance recommendations.

Don’t have time for winter care to repair or maintain your outdoor power equipment?

Black Creek Services has over 20 years of experience, working on small engines. We work on:

  • lawn mowers
  • lawn tractors
  • portable generators
  • pressure washers

Just give Black Creek Services a call at 904.449.3986. We can help you keep your small engine-powered equipment maintained for a fair and reasonable price.

  • Pickup and delivery service is available, too!

Black Creek Services, Inc. LogoWhen springtime rolls around, we can also help you make sure your power equipment is ready for a busy season with a Springtime Small Engine Maintenance Service.

Black Creek Services, Inc. offers in-shop lawn mower and lawn tractor maintenance and repair for clients living in the Jacksonville Florida area. We do our work in our Middleburg, Florida shop.

  • You can call us 904.449.3986 to make an appointment to bring your lawn mower or lawn tractor in, or we can provide pickup and deliver service.

We work on outdoor power equipment for people living in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, and Middleburg, Florida.

If you have questions, please call us 904.449.3986 or Contact us. We like to help people get their small engine-powered equipment running right again!

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  1. I agree. It is important to prepare your lawn mower before you stop using it during the winter. One year I just left it sit until spring and then it wouldn’t start. I had to take it to get it serviced, but they got it running again. I learned my lesson.

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