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Black Creek Services, Inc. LogoAll Maintenance and Repair work at Black Creek Services is temporarily halted, through Friday September 24, 2021 – we’re on Vacation!
– If all goes as planned, work will resume, and New Work will be accepted, starting Saturday, September 25th.
– – I will NOT be able to talk about jobs or answer my phone until Saturday, September 25th.
– IF your maintenance or repair job can wait until then, Please contact me On or After September 25th.
Your patience and understanding will be appreciated. Take care. Thank you. – Jimmy.

We appreciate the many people in our community who have called on us since 1998 to help maintain their small engine-powered outdoor equipment.

    Zero Turn Radius Riding Lawn MowerAgain, Thank you for letting us help maintain your small engine-powered outdoor equipment.


    Small Engine Repair in Middleburg and Jacksonville Florida area